I won’t even read this article

I’ve just received my monthly copy of the CIPD (Institute of Personnel and Development) magazine. Emblazoned across the front page is the headline “Getting more with less!”. Just what is it about that that makes my blood boil? Well, in my opinion it should say “Getting more from the people you’ve got so that you and they can earn more money, keep them employed longer and grow the business so you can employ even more people and keep growing until the UK economy is strong and keeps getting stronger”. Not quite as catchy and it would probably need a bigger magazine to fit it on but it would be a better read I’m certain.

If I do get round to reading the article I’ll tell you what they say.

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Dave Dyer is a principal consultant within the Operations Improvement team in ABB Consulting. His speciality is in bringing sustainable change and operational benefits to an organisation through the engagement of its people. He hopes to share good ideas and good practice, to inform and to learn.
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